Which Photography Style Is Best for Your Wedding?

Wedding photography comes in different kinds of styles. Your preferences should stand tall when you choose the right style for your day. The first aspect that dictates style is the kind of photographer you choose for the day. The right photographer gives you different styles to choose from, making the day not only fun but satisfying as well.

Let us look at the different styles you can choose, and what each brings to the table.


When making the decision on style, you need to consider two things – digital or film, or both. Digital is the most popular style for weddings because it saves time. You get the photos just a day after the wedding. Additionally, digital photography also works in poor visibility – which is a bonus when you need to photograph a wedding happening in the evening.

Digital photography allows the photographer to preview the results before they take the shot. This allows them to adjust the settings accordingly. Digitally, the photographer has enough freedom to explore different angles and lighting options. An example of digital photography can be seen at www.bluebendphotography.com, where the photographer pushed the limits of his creativity in coming up with the amazing shots.


If you are looking for images with an original quality to them, then film photography is your best choice. Film has a better range as compared to digital, but it needs more work and costs you more money as well. The film has to be sent to the lab, after which the photographer needs to edit them before delivering to you.


Dramatic photography is all about playing around with light and other effects to add a more dramatic effect to the photograph. Dramatic effects are not easy to perfect, and it takes the photographers several months to master this art. The photographer comes up with various settings with the aim of creating more light sources especially if the day is not sunny.

Anyone can take photos in such settings, but it takes experience and skills to take photos that are truly amazing.


Once you choose whether to go for digital or film, the next task is to decide on the look of the photos. The classic style borrows from the old, such as the pictures your grandparents show you everytime you visit them.

Classic images have the capacity of standing the test of time, a bit formal but still striking. The photographer looks for ordinary moments that he can capture and bring the best out of. The good thing is that classic doesn’t necessarily mean old – you can still enjoy a classic look that infuses a modern look to the image.


This needs the photographer to bring out his creative side in order to capture the perfect moment. All you need to do is to tell the photographer to capture those special moments that make the photos unique. There is nothing as frustrating as posting your image on social media only for the audience to brand you a copycat!

When you decide to take this route, you need to remember that amazing photography isn’t all about the skills of the photographer, but you as well. You need to be willing to have fun and enjoy what the moment brings so that you take the photo to the next level.


This seeks to capture something real from you on the wedding day. Rather than posing, a documentary style photo seeks to show spontaneous or candid pictures of you in action.

The photographer picks backgrounds and angles to make everything turn out best. The photographer chooses the shots to take, which is usually something real, for instance, emotions and reactions. He looks for interactions just to make sure what he captures is unique to the couple. Such images are a true reflection of what the couple goes through during that time.

Final Words

The style of photography usually determines the kind of photos that will grace your album. With the right amount of light and exposure, the photographer can come up with the best photos for your special day. Take time to choose the perfect style that not only brings out every special moment of the day but keeps the memories alive.