Using Instagram Bots to grow your account

Instagram is probably the most popular social media platform. Not only is it being used for recreation purposes but it is also being used for marketing campaigns and promotion which many businesses are taking advantage of. This is because of the high number of people using the social media app that can be targeted and turned into potential customers. In order to do this, you need to grow your Instagram account. One popular method of doing this is by using an Instagram Bots. However, it is not all plain sailing.

Last year’s crackdown

Some of the best Instagram Bots got shut down last year. This is as a result of a crackdown from Instagram who states that these automated services are in breach of its terms of services. There are some which have survived this crackdown and there are new automated services being launched onto the market.

Why use an Instagram Bot?

These automated tools are a very effective method to manage your Instagram account and to increase its following. Increasing your following is beneficial for marketing purposes. It allows you to showcase your products or brads to a wider audience and also can enable you to direct traffic to your website. This could be used to funnel potential customers and gain sales.

How does it work?

All of these automated services will have similar features and will perform repetitive tasks such as liking and commenting on posts and following and unfollowing accounts. Following, commenting and liking posts on accounts is an effective approach to gaining followers and likes on your posts. This can be done manually, however, it is extremely time consuming and may not result in a follow back. The automated service will do all of this tedious work for you on autopilot. This will increase your accounts following and engagement while allowing you time to focus on other key areas of your business. Some services even have features to schedule posts to plan in advance which is time effective.

The automated services will not follow and engage with random profiles. They use hashtags to find accounts and posts that are relevant to your profile and therefore select your target audience.

This is not the same as buying followers

Many people confuse Instagram Bots with buying followers. This is not the same. When buying followers the accounts that follow you are fake. These fake people will not engage with your account and they also have a high drop off rate. An automated service engages with real accounts in order to receive genuine followers that come to your account organically as a result of your interaction.

Recommended services

There are a lot of Bots still currently on the market. It is difficult to choose between a reliable, safe and effective service that will not become closed down and affect your account negatively. You can read an article from with more detailed information and recommendations on 2018s best Bot.