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Doing Well as an Undergraduate

How is a student successful? After you graduate you will likely either get a job or apply to graduate or professional school. However, being successful after you graduate is best done by being successful now. This requires a lot of knowledge and many personal and academic skills. In this section, we try to provide links to some of the more critical pieces of information that undergraduates ask about. In surveying undergraduates, we have found that a predictor of success is starting early in your planning.

Here's a good starting point!
Making the Most of Your Undergraduate Years


[Exploring Careers] [Study skills] [Critical Thinking] [Health and Homesickness]

Exploring Careers
Majoring In Psychology? Career Options for Psychology Undergraduates
A book every undergraduate psychology major should have. Find out what you are getting yourself into and what the future holds for you. Topics discussed include: undergraduate preparation for the future, internships, jobs, money, resources, graduate school, and whether or not being a psychology major is the right choice for you. The only thing you can do with a bachelor's degree in psychology is go to grad school? That's a myth! Most psychology majors do not go to graduate school. This book discusses bachelor's level job options.

Career Paths in Psychology
Psychologists work in many different environments, yet all were trained in the University. Dr. Robert Sternberg recruited many psychologists to write about the diverse jobs that psychologists fill. Clinical, counseling, and community psychologists work in public clinics, private practice, and hospitals. Research psychologists work in universities, in government bureaus, and in industry. Considerable coverage is provided to clinical areas, school psychology, industrial/organizational, military psychology, human factors, consumer psychology, health psychology

Insiders Guide to Graduate Programs in Clinical and Counseling Psychology
This book reviews over 300 clinically oriented programs in the U.S. and Canada and discusses the application procedure and how it differs from applying to research oriented programs. All aspects of the process are covered well including discussing specialty areas, interviews, choosing the right program, and making a final decision

Outlook on all Professions - searchable database
Find out about the current status and the predictions for the employment outlook for your career of choice. Brought to you by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Compare job outlook for psychologists, social workers, counselors.
Jobs you can get with your BA/BS in psychology!
Marky Lloyd's Careers in Psychology Page
A site developed by Marky Lloyd to help undergraduate students learn what they can do with a degree in psychology. The main focus is on the career options available for the varying psychology degrees and on academic information concerning the different levels of study.
Study Skills
Effective Study Skills: A Step-by-step System for Achieving Student Success
This book presents a skill-based study system developed by James K. Semones. This system, ESS, consists of step-by-step procedures for tackling the main components of the system: principles, steps, skills, and tasks. Designed for those who wish to succeed academically, ESS explains what study skills to use in pursuit of this goal, when to use them, and how to develop them to mastery.
What Smart Students Know: Maximum Grades, Optimum Learning, Minimum Time
Adam Robinson, cofounder of the Princeton Review and author of this book, has collected valuable firsthand insight from hundreds of triumphant students on how to maximize your learning potential while minimizing the time it takes. Whether you seek drastic improvement in grades, learning, prioritizing, or just to sharpen your skills and efficiency, this is a worthwhile resource.
"Ace" Any Test
This comprehensive but compact guide to maximizing test performance is an excellent resource for anyone who desires to cultivate efficient test taking skills. It includes preparation techniques as well as clever tools to employ during an exam to reduce stress and increase the likelihood of giving correct responses on essay and multiple choice questions. Written by Ronald W. Fry. Out of print so check your library.
Study Power: Study Skills to Improve Your Learning and Your Grades
The Study Power system detailed in this book is an excellent resource for any student looking to master study skills in order to learn more effectively, get better grades, and enjoy school more. Based on teaching effective use and management of time, William R. Luckie and Wood Smethurst draw on years of teaching experience to develop a comprehensive instructional tool on the power of studying.

  Study Strategies Homepage [must see sight!]
An excellent site from the University of Minnesota, Duluth that provides links to study and motivation assessment tests as well as advice on various learning opportunities that include: learning about study skills, practicing effective study strategies, time management and teaching and/or managing study skills.
Critical Thinking
How to Think Straight About Psychology
This book by Dr. Keith Stanovich is thought by Dr. Burgess to be one of the best books ever published about our field. It is both a book on critical thinking and a book about the misconceptions about psychology (particularly self-help techniques) that have been popularized over time. Stanovich directly addresses the pseudoscience in psychology and provides clear direction about how errors in thinking lead one astray from the scientific principles that distinguish psychology from other helping fields. You will be smarter after you read this book.

General Resources for Succeeding     
Tipsheets for Psychology Majors
A list of links put together by Russ Dewey that cover a variety of topics like: what you should do NOW to prepare for graduate school applications, a sample research paper and lab report, APA style resources, and more...

Outlook on all Professions
Find out about the current status and the predictions for the employment outlook for your career of choice. Brought to you by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jobs you can get with your BA/BS in psychology!

The "Major" Decision: Academic Niche Seeking and the Psychology Student
Matthew Jans, from the Center for Survey Research at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, has written an article that describes how advisors and faculty can facilitate a students decision making about committing to a major. This article should also be useful to the undergraduate who is contemplating this decision, since Jans discusses a variety of issues that should be considered.
Making Yourself Look Good     
Honors Program
Find out about Honors Programs--their benefits, who is eligible, if they are right for you, and how to find out about the Honors Program at your college or university. Being in an Honors Program looks great on your application to graduate school! Written by David Blatt for CollegePrep--101.

The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)
Research can be a pivotal aspect of your graduate school application. CUR is a council designed to promote research by undergraduate students. They offer many benefits to those students whose faculty are involved. Search to see if a professor at your school is a member, and if not, tell them about it!

A Suggested Plan of Action for Graduate School Admission
This site contains a lot of information already in our Applying section, but you need to get started on these things WAY before you are applying to a graduate program. This timetable pretty much covers everything, so if you follow it, you will be in great shape. Also--check out the section on publication. Provided by PSI CHI (see below).

PSI CHI: The National Honor Society in Psychology
Another great way to make yourself look good when applying to a graduate program. PSI CHI is a separate Honors-type program than those usually offered through your university or college, but it is designed for psychology students and carries certain added benefits and options. Check this site out!
A glossary of terms used in psychology with examples and descriptions to help you understand what you are studying or what your professor is actually saying. Provided by Alleydog.com (one of the best online psychology resources!).

Class Notes
A way to read sample class notes or post your own. Also, if you missed a particular topic in class, read up on the topic and what points you probably need to know. Also provided by Alleydog.com.

The Unvalidated Graduate School Potential Test
Find out if you have what it takes to be a good graduate student, and what areas you need to improve in. Developed by Patricia Keith-Spiegel.