The Year’s Best Movies

downloadSome movies are talked about more than others every year. When a person wants to watch one of the best movies, they will often find that it is not the huge blockbusters that people see on television ads. Instead, these are the movies that turn into cult classics where they gain in popularity after they have been released. This year, there are two movies which will seem to fit into this category. While the first seems to be off to a shaky start, the latter found decent success.

Elysium: This is a movie about two worlds that have been split. One is paradise and the other is less than desirable. Matt Damon attempts to get into the paradise that he has always wanted which will change the course of time greatly. Elysium, , has everything that is needed to become into a huge hit when it goes to DVD.

White House Down: A movie based on action and filled with big named actors is what can be said about White House Down. This movie follows a secret service agent as he finds himself stuck securing the president that he was declined to protect. Soon, it will be possible to get White House Down on DVD as the movie has been out for nearly 2 months.