The Ransomware Epidemic that is Avoidable

If you are a computer user, you must have heard of the term ransomware. It has become more than an epidemic with cyber-criminals using it to extort money from you. Many people have fallen victims to this malicious malware that is giving experts all over the world sleepless nights.

It all starts with owning a smartphone or a PC. With time, you become complacent and think that you are the only one with access to this device. You keep your sensitive data on the device unaware that there is a pair of eyes checking your every move. At the end of it all, your data gets into the wrong hands.

Previously, cybercriminals only had access to your payment information that you unknowingly stored on your website cookies. With their hands on this information, they managed to use your account to do money laundering and other cybercrimes. However, they have taken the crimes a notch higher – you now have to pay ransom for your files. Companies and consumers alike have fallen victims to this scam, which is spreading quickly.

How does Ransomware Work?

Before you become a victim, you need to understand how these criminals get access to your files. The past few years has seen the rise in spam emails that are sent to target groups. These emails come with a promise that will make you open them immediately unaware that a program is installing silently in the background.

These criminals devised a way to attach the malware to emails. The moment you open the mail the malware installs on your phone or PC.

In addition to emails, the malware also attaches to USB devices and attaches to files that are accessible on all mapped drives that include external drives, thumb drives or folders that you access on the cloud or a network.

How Much of This Malware is Out There?

No one can accurately say how much of this malware in the running in the networks right now. Much of it is already in the emails that are being sent out as we speak. So far, the reports are unquantified; the only way is to find a way to prevent it from reaching your computer. Alternatively, if you are already infected, you need to know how to stay safe.

The Impact

You might be wondering how the malware affects the victim. Well, once it gets hold of the data, it encrypts it so that you don’t have access to it. You have to decide, based on a timer whether to pay the ransom fee or to lose the data forever. You might think of restoring your computer to an earlier time, but the strains are so intelligent that they delete your restoration data.

You need your files back, whether at an individual or company level. You also want your assets to be protected. The solution – visit help you save the situation.


It is not always that you will be held at ransom by computer malware, but it is now a reality. The best thing is that there is a solution to this madness.