The best Instagress Bot alternatives on the Instagram market

Instagress was believed to be the best Instagram Bots available. It was effective at growing your account and its following. Unfortunately last year it became shut down. This was due to a crackdown by Instagram on automated services being used on its platform. Instagress was not the only one that became shut down with many other leading Bots having to stop their services.

What effect did the crackdown have on Bot users?

The shutdown of many leading Bots had a negative effect on many users who were using the Bots as a marketing tool for business purposes. The automated services can be used to market products or services. This is because they help you to gain more followers which means you have a larger target audience to market your business to.

How do Bots gain followers?

Instagram Bots gain followers through engagement methods. They will find relevant accounts by searching hashtags, follow them and like and comment on their posts. This interaction with users will make them look at your profile and hopefully follow you. Before users had to do this manually which was very time-consuming. The use of a Bot can complete these repetitive tasks on autopilot which will save you time allowing you to focus on key areas of your business.

What is the leading Instagram Bot?

The leading Instagram Bot currently on the market is Follow Adder. This is because it survived the Instagram crackdowns and is believed to be safe as well as efficient in growing your account.

There are 2 choices to consider

The choice between continuing to use an automated service such as a Bot or to use an organic growth service.

An organic growth service is used to grow and manage your Instagram account like a Bot. However, unlike a Bot, this service is not automated. It is used by real people who are believed to be leading social media marketing experts. These experts will manage your account for you and complete the engagement tasks manually.

The reason to choose an organic growth service is that it is done manually by real people and therefore it is not in breach of Instagram’s terms of services. Organic growth services may cost more than automated ones but this a premium for using a safe service that will not have an adverse effect on your account.

The leading organic growth service

Social Envy is a leading organic growth service that provides natural engagement and growth for your Instagram account. They employ real experts to do the manual engagement work for you. The biggest advantage it has over using automated services is because it is a real person in charge of managing and growing your account.

For more information on Instagress alternatives

As you have read there are many choices available that can help you to manage your account and build your brand to market your products or services. The biggest thing to consider is whether you want to use an automated service such as Follow Adder or and organic growth service such as Social Envy. To find out more about the top Instagress alternative you can read