Top Celebrities That Use Coupons

Whether it comes to a Hostgator coupon code for a hosting account, a discount code for groceries or perhaps a 50% offer for some boots, a lot of people find these offers very attractive, yet they tend to ignore coupons for a lot of reasons. They feel embarrassed and cheap for using such discounts, so they would rather end up paying more. But the truth is that as long as you can save money, there are no reasons wherefore you should ignore this possibility. After all, everyone does it, including celebrities.

Who uses coupons

The “House of Lies” beauty Kristen Bell has recently admitted that she is quite frugal. She claimed that she uses plenty of coupons. In fact, she has even made some recommendations, so it is obvious that she is an avid coupon shopper. Carrie Underwood was also very honest regarding her shopping preferences. Although she admits that she often forgets her coupons at home, she does clip any coupon that she can find. Since she mostly does weekly shopping, she obviously ends up saving a lot of money for a huge shopping cart. Sarah Michelle Gellar also claims that she and her husband find no use for paying full prices on items. They shop at particular stores, but they usually ask what products are for sale first. They clip all the coupons they can find too.