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Dr. Kay Livesay, University of San Francisco, will be writing an original article for PsychGrad.org that describes how to get the most out of your undergraduate education at a smaller university.

Dr. Lori Buchanan, University of Alberta, is going to head up a new section on applying to foreign PhD programs. The focus of this will be Canadian-American interaction. This is very important since there are numerous graduate programs in Canada that American students should consider as well as good matches between American programs and Canadian students. We will decide later whether or not to expand this.

Publications about the PsychGrad.org Portal

An article about Psychgrad.org will appear in Behavior Research Methods, Instrumentation, and Computers [pdf available later]

February Newsletter of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology [online version available here]

March Newsletter of the Western Psychologist Newsletter [online version available here]

Conference Presentations about the PsychGrad.org Portal

American Psychological Society Come see us at the Institute on The Teaching of Psychology. [June 14, 2001, 1:00pm - 2:00pm, Sheraton Centre Hotel]

American Psychological Association, Friday, August 24, 2001 in San Francisco [details here]

UCLA Undergraduate Psychology Conference in May 11, 2001

Society for Computers in Psychology Conference, November 16, 2000, New Orleans. [abstract]

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These are Pacific times. We calculated the number of page hits as a function of hour of the day for a one week period. Quite a bit of late night activity!