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Make A Lasting Impression With An Engraved Christening Gift

A child’s Christening is cause for celebration. In all likelihood, this is the child’s first major event celebrating their arrival. As with any special occasion, you need to make sure that you bring a gift for the newborn. Preferably, you want to bring a gift that is unique and special; something that will eventually become a keepsake for the child. While the child may not remember the event, you want to give them a gift that they will cherish as they grow older.

Engraved Gifts

If you truly want to give the child a gift they will always remember and love, an engraved christening gift is the best choice. This thoughtful gift choice is one that is unique and will be treasured throughout the child’s lifetime. There are many different gift choices on the market that you can personalise for the child. On the gift, you can include:

  • The date of the christening
  • The child’s name
  • A special personal message

Each time the child uses the item, they will be reminded of this day and the thoughtful gift that you gave them. In order for the child to really appreciate your gift, you should choose an item that they will actually use. This may be a money box, a stuffed toy or a baby spoon. Consider your budget and the needs of the child when searching for this type of gift and you are sure to the find the perfect item for the occasion.

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Wedding Favours: Tips And Advice

images-3The wedding favours that you and your partner choose to hand out on your wedding day should be special, unique and a reflection of your own personal tastes. Memorable and Quirky Wedding Favours will create a lasting impression and ensure that your guests remember your special day for many years to come.

Many couples overlook the importance of favours. However, guests look forward to this little token of appreciation. Taking the time to choose a favour that they will appreciate and enjoy is important.

Consider the theme and color of your wedding when choosing a favour. For example, if your wedding is held during the winter, you can choose a favour that reflects the season. If your theme includes colors of red and black, consider red and black votive candles. In many cases, you can personalise your favours to make them even more memorable.

Many couples choose to give favours that are useful and practical. Barware, miniature glass bottles make excellent favours that can be used after the big day has passed. While it is easy to get carried away with your wedding favours, you really want to ensure that you are staying in your budget. If you are really dead set on a particular favour idea, it would be well worth the effort to do some bargain shopping to find the best deal possible.

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Finding The Right Pearl Necklace For Your Wedding Day

imagesPearl jewelry is considered an essential accessory for both brides and bridesmaids as it symbolizes love and purity. It has long been believed that pearls will bring great prosperity and happiness to a marriage. Its beauty and elegance is something that you will appreciate for many years to come.

Pearl jewelry is extremely versatile. You are sure to find a piece that matches the style of your dress. With the right wedding jewelry, you can complete your look and really highlight your natural beauty. Below you will find some tips on how to find the right pearl necklace to match your wedding gown.

Halter Dresses

Dresses with a halter neckline include straps that wrap around the neck and create what is known as an upside down “V.” There are many different types of halter dresses, so you must choose according to the type of halter your dress features.

If you choose a halter that is low cut and wide, you may want to consider a Y-drop necklace or a pendant. If the halter rises all the way up to your throat, it may be best to avoid wearing a necklace altogether. This will only crowd the look. Instead, opt for earrings or bracelets.


This style of dress includes a high, wide and straight neckline. This classic style of dress is complemented by a simple necklace that is worn close to the neck. A pearl collar or choker is a great choice.


Gowns with a scoop neckline are a popular choice because they are versatile. Just about any necklace style will fit well with this neckline. A multi-strand pearl necklace or a pearl choker are two great choices.


If you choose to wear a V-neck dress, look for a necklace that follows the lines of your dress. Chokers and Y-drop necklaces are great choices.


The straight and bold lines of a square neckline is complemented by a simple pearl necklace. In this case, you can choose either a single or double strand piece. A double strand will soften the lines of the dress. Pearl princess and pearl chokers are also popular choices.

One Shoulder

This style of dress is a bold choice for a bride. In most cases, it is best to avoid wearing a necklace. The symmetric lines of the necklace will likely clash with the lines of the dress. This can create an unnatural and unbalanced look. Choose other pearl accessories, such as pearl earrings or a beautiful bracelet.

Jewel Dresses

Jewel dresses typically have a high neckline that is round in shape. This type of gown calls for a short necklace that sits close to the neck. Pearl collars and chokers are a great option for these dresses.


There are many different necklace styles that complement strapless dresses. A pearl choker or pearl princess are excellent choices. Multi-strand necklaces are also great. Even Y-drop necklaces can complement strapless dresses.

Although it is important to choose a necklace that complements your dress, it is most important to have fun with your accessories and choose something that appeals to your tastes.

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