Big Green steam cleaner

One of my newest and also favorite steam cleaner models is the Big Green cleaner, and I think this name describes it very well, for it is quite big, and it has some of its parts colored in Green. However, the color is definitely not the reason I am writing about it. The actual advantage of this model is the performance. Unlike most of the other models, Bissell 86T3 is quite compact, yet has the latest generation engine on its board, which delivers as much power, as its bigger competitors.  It is also foldable, and demountable, hence very easy to clean, move around and store. Just give it a bath for a second, and then throw it in some corner. You are done! It will sit their quietly until you need it, without taking the valuable place of your room.

It really a pity when you own a house in the center of the city, having to pay thousands of dollars for each square meter just to have it occupied by some huge steam cleaner. Bissell 86T3 is also highly esteemed by a number of credible reviewers and magazines. If you don’t believe me for word, you can check this Big Green carpet cleaner review, and see that my words are true. Another advantage is that it’s easily movable in all directions. For instance, if you like to move it left, then forward, then right – nothing stops you from doing that! Having a compact size a reduced weight, it could be easily handled even by your children, though I wouldn’t recommend them play with steam cleaners – just for a note. Bissell has always produced quality automated tools, could be called one of the leading manufacturers in the United States.

All of their models, including the Green One have 3 years’ service warranty, and even if gets malfunctioned, you could easily get it fixed without paying any fees for repair. What comes in the box when you buy Big Green 86T3? First of all it has a unique and patented cleaning solution, which could be added in small amount to the water tank. This solution also disinfects the cleaning surfaces without leaving any bad odor or stains. Another feature that comes with the stock is the flexible nine-inch hose, which expels the hot air produced by the engine out of the room. Finally it also has a stair tool, which is very important for stair-type carpets.