The Benefits of a Personalized Diet in Psoriasis

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Like pretty much all auto-immune diseases, psoriasis outbreaks come and go in cycles. There are active periods of the disease and non-active ones. And the trick is to be able to make the non-active ones last as long as possible. This remission period is not only important because you will have less to worry about, but because this time is used by your skin in order to regenerate and recover from the traumatic lesions it has gone through.

If you are wondering if and how a psoriasis diet can help you stay in remission for as long as possible, then the answer is yes, what you eat plays an important part in preventing psoriasis outbreaks. Start by keeping a food log where you fill in what have you eaten for the day and how your body reacted. This is the only way in which you can figure out which food acts like a trigger for you and you are better off avoiding.

Food control

Follow this by eliminating certain foods and beverages from your diet. Alcohol is known to be a common trigger of psoriasis outbreaks, so limit alcohol consumption. Wheat and dairy are also a big no, and so are foods which contain yeast or sugar. As appealing as they may look, stay within arm’s distance from all products high in gluten, preservatives, coloring, flavorings and salt that do not come from a natural source. Try to eat only foods that look as closely as nature left them.

You also have to start eliminating toxins that affect your immune system. Unfortunately, the body’s regular way of eliminating toxins is not doing the entire work that it should, meaning that you have to give it a boost. You can do so by exercising and working out. Sweating is a great way of eliminating toxins, so the more you work out the healthier your organism will be and the longer the remission period will last.

Healthy choices
Making healthy food choices like to include more fruit and vegetable in your diet is also important. Do not forget about fatty fish, a meat that is known to be able to reduce inflammation due to its high content of Vitamin D. You will see that this type of diet will not only help you stay in remission, but it will also aid your overall health.

Specialists usually recommend staying on this diet indefinitely and making it a lifestyle. You cannot expect results to come overnight, so be persistent and keep your psoriasis outbreaks in check simply by making some dietary changes. Some people who have tried or still are on a psoriasis diet have gone for weeks or even months without experiencing an outbreak, so you can see that trying to change what you eat can prove to be quite fruitful.

Try to consult with your doctor before making the decision to try this lifestyle change. Chances are that he or she will be able to give you more information and tips on how to adjust to your new diet as seamlessly as possible.



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