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The Psychology Graduate Applicant's Portal (or www.psychgrad.org) originated during conversations between Curt Burgess, Catherine Decker, and Maureen Keeney at the Computational Cognition Lab at the University of California, Riverside, during the summer of 1999. They noticed that students have many common concerns about what it means to be a student and how to foster their own success. In trying to find answers with students, it became clear that many resources were already present on the web. Our philosophy behind The Portal is to focus and organize the best of this information together in one place - recognizing that many people have developed these wonderful resources - and to build a place where students can come to find answers to questions about how to succeed.

Although the initial idea was to focus on the person's information needs during the application process to a Ph.D. program in psychology, it became clear that addressing this problem really required bridging a wider information gap. Doing well as an undergraduate is clearly critical in later applying to a Ph.D. program. Of course, once accepted into a Ph.D. program, it is important to understand how to succeed there as well. All of this is preparation for a career in psychology, and those career needs differ from those of the successful doctoral student. It is these four areas of one's academic lifespan (undergraduate, applicant, graduate student, and psychologist) that we attempt to address with The Portal.

We do not think of The Portal as just a list of links. Our goal is to evaluate information sources so we can have only the richest resources available for you. This is guided in part by our beliefs about what is important. However, we know we can not be successful alone. Patrick Conley served as Senior Content Editor as a graduate student and is now a professor at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point (he also designed the web site). Zana Devitto served as the Managing Editor and is now a researcher at the County of Riverside. There have always been a number of undergraduates working on the project and we hope to involve others as needed. But we need your help. Your ideas are welcome and we appreciate any comments on The Portal or suggestions about links or books that we should include. If you are a webmaster, we hope you will link to us; if you like the site we hope you will tell your friends. You can learn more about The Portal's goals by checking out our abstract for the Society for Computers in Psychology annual conference.

Previous Staff
early days - 2006 
2007-2008 Staff

Director of The Psychology Graduate Applicant's Portal
Curt Burgess, Ph.D., University of California, Riverside
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Editor, Canadian Psychology Sites
Dr. Steve Lindsay, University of British Columbia



Undergraduate Content Editors (2006-2007)

Shraddha Patel, member of Computational Cognition Lab

Mariam Saulat, member of Computational Cognition Lab

Community College Liason
Catherine Decker, Ph.D., Chaffey College
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